HOPE3 Ministries, Inc.

What is it?   

The vision for this ministry emerged from our walk to Emmaus experiences.  We are extremely grateful for the prayers, gifts and service that our church family at Bethel have so generously given in its support. 

Our Mission:  We are called to share joyfully the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ through a variety of educational and religious programs, activities, and continual nurturing.

When does it meet?

There are currently three ministry programs underway.

A Bible Study group meets each Wednesday evening.  There is a light meal at 6:30 followed by study.  In January 2015 we began a three-year chronological study of the Bible.  There is no cost to the participants.

Family Fun is held monthly (non-Weekend months), usually the fourth Sunday of the month.  There is a meal served at 5:30 and we begin our activity by 7:00.  The activity varies - seasonal events, movies, games, concerts, sing-alongs and other fun for the whole family.  Again, there is no cost to participants.

The HOPE3 Weekend is our cornerstone program.  HOPE3 stands for He Opens Peoples Eyes - in 3 days. The HOPE3 Weekend is a non-denominational experience designed to demonstrate the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to reach out to those who are outside the church but are willing to give God three days to demonstrate His presence and His love. We believe God will enable us to speak, show, and share His Word in such a way that the seeds of faith will be firmly planted.  We do not approach this duty presuming we know all the answers or even all the questions, but rather in an absolute confidence that He does.

 Where does it meet?  If it changes locations, how should people find out where the next gathering will take place?

All events are held at Peaceful Point Farm in Ruther Glen. The mailing address is PO Box 444, Ruther Glen VA  22546 and phone number is (804) 858-HOPE.  Also, information about upcoming events can be found on our website (http://hope3ministries.org/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Hope3Ministries).

 Is there a specific target audience (kids, seniors, etc) or is it open to all ages?

The Bible Study is open to all who have an interest in studying His Word.

Family Fun is open to people of all ages.  More than half of those who come to the event any given month are below the age of 18. 

HOPE3 Weekends are for groups of up to eight adult (18+) men or women who stay on-site for the three-day program.  There are two Weekends in the spring and two in the fall, typically these are in May and September.  Participants submit an application as a part of the process.  A team made up of clergy and laity directs the Weekend’s activities. 

Should attendees bring anything?

People are welcome to bring their own Bibles to the study group or to use one on site.

Those coming to Family Fun need only come prepared to share in a fun Christian atmosphere.

Participants of a HOPE3 Weekend only need to bring clothes, toiletries, and medications enough for the weekend.  Everything else, including food, is provided.

For more information…

For more information about a HOPE3 Weekend, Family Fun, or the Bible Study, check our website at www.HOPE3Ministries.org and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Hope3Ministries. We can be contacted via email at HOPE3Ministries@gmail.com or by phone at 804-858-HOPE (4673).